With Ad Reinhardt

With Ad Reinhardt

Rebecca Horne

What is the architecture, the symbolism, of the vessel? It is a place of potential, never finalized, always filling and emptying, or going from one place to another.

My photographs attempt to excavate the surfaces and moments of daily life and lived-in environments, like an “archeology” of buried intentions. My improvised, makeshift arrangements of objects and materials use in-camera time-based techniques to create pictures that are poised between the surreal and the everyday -- asking what if, and what is. 

Through this process of experimentation, I hope to trace observation to discovery.

Abbreviated exhibition history

Exhibition history includes solo exhibitions at Roebling Hall Gallery in New York City and Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, and multiple group shows including City Hall in San Francisco with SF Arts Commission, Center for Photography Woodstock, Perogi 2000 in Brooklyn and “Festival Off des Rencontres d’ Arles,” in Arles, France.

More about me, me, me

My current role is multimedia director at Spectrum, the leading autism research news publication. I oversee and direct Spectrum‘s visuals, and commissioning illustrations, infographics, podcasts, videos and more. 

I've won awards as photo editor at the Wall Street Journal and Discover magazine and worked as a photography consultant for tech startups like Airbnb.

I've taught photography at the California College of the Arts and Rutgers University. I enjoy writing about art, photography and science — and I've been published by Wired, CNN, the National Academy of Sciences, The Wall Street Journal, Nautilus, Lensculture and others.

Let’s work together. I love freelancing; consulting, producing, editing etc. Drop me a line about your project: summerpele@gmail.com